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At Transitions Hypnosis I Can
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*Achieve Personal and Professional Goals

*Change Unwanted Habits,   Behaviors and Addictions
*Overcome Negative Emotions such as Fear, Phobias, Worry, Grief, and Anger
*Manage Pain
*Overcome Insomnia
*Quit Smoking 
*Release UnwantedWeight
*Enjoy Public Speaking and Performing
*Sports Performance
*Academic Performance, Test Anxiety and ADHD
*Explore Past Lives and more...


                     Your Greatest Self


Your mind is very powerful.  Most people are not aware that within them is the power to change.  You have the power within you to be happy.  You already possess, right now, everything you need in order to discover this power.  You may not recognize it because you are constantly bombarded with stimuli from the world around you, and from the thoughts, feelings and judgments of your conscious mind.  Hypnosis enables you to quiet all the noise in your head and access your Subconscious Mind.  You will be amazed by how very simple, easy, and natural it is.  It all comes down to the simple matter of letting go of what you do not want, and keeping what you do want.  In other words, happiness is a process of eliminating the blocks to happiness. This is possible through hypnosis.


stop worrying


Locked within your subconscious mind is everything you have ever experienced. Many of the things stored there are experiences from when you were a child and unable to judge events properly. Your subconscious mind stores long term memory. Memories of trauma (emotional or physical), repressed memories, thought patterns, habits, desires, core beliefs, feelings and emotions trigger behavior or reactions at the conscious level. Sometimes those reactions or behaviors are undesirable or unwanted and result in chronic stress, anxiousness, fears, elevated pain, excessive anger, over eating, smoking, etc. To create positive change the unwanted habit or behavior needs to be released and transformed. This is achieved through hypnosis by shifting the subconscious behavior patterns from undesirable to desirable. Once the shift is accomplished you are on your way to achieving your goals of creating positive change and enhancing your life!

 It all comes down to the simple matter of letting go of what you do not want, and keeping what you do want