What is Clinical Hypnosis?


Clinical hypnosis is the area of hypnotherapy that deals with behavior and emotions, facilitating change on the level of the subconscious that is specific to your personality.  One could say that clinical hypnosis is involved with earthly concerns, while transpersonal hypnosis is involved with your existence as spirit or soul. Clinical hypnosis is effective in smoking cessation, weight release, sports and business (or school) performance, or any other behavioral changes.  It is also effective in managing stress, anger, fears, anxiety, and eliminating phobias. 

Hypnosis vs. Talk Therapy


 In comparing counseling to hypnosis, I find hypnosis to be more effective in facilitating change quickly.  While it can be valuable and theraputic to explore why we feel and behave the way we do (cause), hypnosis enables us to change the way we feel and behave (effect) by correcting our false beliefs about ourselves. As a hypnotherapist I am trained to work with individuals who want to change behaviors, improve the quality of their lives, and explore soul memories. Hypnosis is about discovering and exploring our inner abilities.  We all have an incredible capacity to change, make ourselves happy, and be at peace  


What is Transpersonal Hypnosis?


Transpersonal Hypnosis is a specialty which explores the eternal aspect of your being.  The term literally means transcending (trans) the personality (personal).  In this context, the personality means the ego, or that part of you that experiences yourself as a body with a brain and is concerned mainly with your Earthly existence.  In order to transcend this aspect of your being, an especially deep state of hypnosis is necessary, a state far deeper that that used for clinical hypnosis.  



 The Spiritual Aspects of Hypnosis​ 


You are, in reality, a spirit experiencing life within a body.  Your spiritual reality is quite apart from your physical reality, because its nature is eternal.  You are an immortal and eternal being who has lived before and will live again.  Through hypnosis, your eternal self can be accessed.  This can be done with the help of a trained and certified hypnosis facilitator, experience a Past Life Regression (PLR).  In PLR, as the name suggests, you are able to access memories of other lifetimes that you have lived. While in a very deep state of hypnosis, the experience of past life recall can lead to both emotional and physical healing.  Through PLR you can improve your life, further evolve your spiritual path, and live each day with greater purpose.


The other way is through Life Between Lives (LBL) regression. Through deep state hypnosis, you can experience your soul's existence in between incarnations.  It is a truly profound and life-changing experience.  You can learn more about PLR and LBL here on my website, on the link above.  

I am currently certified in Past Life Regression therapy, and am fully capable of conducting and navigating an LBL session.